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  • Jeep Parts: Trek Armor

    trek armor

    A bit of a story

    As with all businesses it all begins with an idea.  In this case it was to cut and sew the products that the military needed cut and sewn.   From doing it as a small business to branching out into the Jeep industry they are known for the seriously tough materials and products that they make.  Trek Armor makes everything they sell in house and since they are based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA you know that everything you get from them is supporting the United States economy and no one else’s.

    Jeep Parts

    As far as Jeeps go, everyone knows that anything that goes into a Jeep needs to be tough.  Jeeps take us where no other vehicle can and they need the parts and accessories that will last through the entire trip and back,

    Seat Covers

    If you have a Jeep that falls between the model years of 1997 and 2013 then the chances are not just good, but great that you can get custom seat covers from Trak Armor.  These Jeep parts are tough and will hold up to the rigors that even the toughest off road warrior can put them through.  Because they are custom made you can choose from a wide array of colors and you know that the fit will be perfect the first time.  With the selection that you can choose from you may find yourself in a quandary over which colors and styles you want for your rig.

    Grab Handles

    The wide assortment of types of grab handles that Trek Armor makes is near mind-blowing.  You can get grab handles for the front seat passengers both inside as well as outside the Jeep.  Rear grab handles can even be attaché to the head rests of the front seats.  These grab handles are made to withstand the stress that serious off road riding will put on such a Jeep part.

    Gear Bags and Tops

    Trek Armor even makes a line of gear bags for when you need to carry all your gear off the road with you.  They also have an entire line of Jeep tops for when you are looking for a change.  As with all of their Jeep parts, they are tough enough to withstand all the rigors of the off road life.

    One of the best things of the Trek Armor Jeep parts is the price.  It is not very often that you can get top quality parts at rock bottom pricing but with the line brought to you by Trek Armor it is not only possible it is the norm.  Stop by and check them out today.  You have nothing to lose and quality parts and accessories for your Jeep to gain.


  • The Different Designs Of Jeep T-Shirts

    jeep t shirts

    The Jeep brand is one of America’s finest automobile brands. As a consequence of which, the Jeep branched out to various sectors of the different industry. The Jeep brand is into parts and accessories and even seat covers, mats or linings. Now, Jeep is even branching out into the apparel businesses.

    Because of the popularity of the Jeep brand, t-shirts with varied designs associated with the Jeep brand are selling like hot potatoes. Here are some of those sought-after Jeep T-shirt designs.

    The Classic Jeep Grille Print

    Who wouldn’t miss the classic Jeep grille logo; it is unique in its own and it’s also one of the best selling logos for shirt. This design is incorporated into different types of t-shirt. Not only that, there are designs available to both men and women. When it comes to t-shirt apparel it’s a good thing that Jeep is not limiting its market to men only.

    The Word Jeep

    Other than the classic Jeep logo, just the word Jeep is also a favorite design for t-shirts. Like the grille design, it’s printed on shirts of different colors and on sizes and type, available to both men and women. Some designs involving the word Jeep is being given a trendy twist; example, instead of the letter “e” in the word Jeep, drawings like skulls or dog paws replaces the letter “e”. Depending on the alternative design, the t-shirt with plain old Jeep word is also very in-demand in the market.

    The Quirky Jeep Sentences

    To put a twist to classic Jeep design, Jeep statement shirts are likewise printed for production. Example, there shirts that has statements saying “I’m in-love with a Jeep man” or “I love a Jeep ride”, which are being printed on ladies t-shirts.

    This and more is what you can get when you buy Jeep t-shirts.

  • Off Road Driving with Your Jeep Requires Exceptional Performance and Safety


    jeep body

    Known as strong, rugged off-road vehicles, a Jeep can give way with its body parts succumbing to wear and tear even if you bought a new one.  When this happens, you need to choose the best parts to replace the worn out piece/s.  Following are some vital information on purchasing the finest quality Jeep body parts.


    When purchasing a Jeep, make certain that its body parts are able to tolerate coarse and bumpy grounds for a long time.  You will be on the losing end if you need to replace the body parts sooner than expected (unless you want to upgrade the look of your vehicle).  A new Jeep will only require a simple service and maintenance; but if the time comes and you need to replace some body parts, you need to have them restored.


    It is, of course, expected that any Jeep parts will not last for a lifetime.  Some products may last longer than anticipated but nothing is eternal.  However, purchasing the finest quality body parts give you the assurance of longer service giving you back good returns on your investment.


    The most excellent quality body parts are very much accessible.  You only need to know where to get them.  Body parts like exhaust systems, wheels, bumpers, winches, body lifts, shocks, etc. can be obtained from your local Jeep and car dealers or over the Net.  These shops and stores sell body parts at reasonable prices.  Online Jeep parts and accessories stores particularly have items that are cheaper than those offered in your local shops.  Their items are not merely intended to replace worn out body parts but also to augment your Jeep performance giving you the freedom to make your vehicle as brawny and dependable per your requirements.


    Purchasing new body parts can also make your Jeep to have an exclusive look.  You can increase its safety and comfort especially if you drive on off-pavements frequently.  It is necessary that you prioritize on improving the safety of your Jeep and this can be achieved by buying high quality Jeep body parts.


  • Why you Should Choose Fabtech Lift Kits

    fabtech lift kitsWhat is a lift kit?  Are there a lot of manufacturers of lift kits?  Why should you choose one manufacturer over another?  These three questions are what I hope to answer for you during the course of this short article.  Hopefully by the time you finish reading this if these questions are not succinctly answered (your mind still is not quite made up), then at least you will be better armed with more facts on the matter than what you had before.  I can’t make your decision for you, but at least I can give you some of the facts.  If facts are what you need then please read on.

    What is a lift kit?

    A lift kit is what is used to give a vehicle added height in both the front and the rear of the vehicle.  This gives the vehicle’s owner the ability to add larger wheels and tires.  This also gives the vehicle added ground clearance.  If you are an off road driver, then you will really appreciate that aspect of it.  Sometimes when driving off road there are obstacles on the trail that you do not encounter during normal highway driving.  When these obstacles are unavoidable you risk damaging the undercarriage of your vehicle when traveling over them.  If you have the added clearance that a lift kit can give you then these obstacles are less dangerous to the health of your vehicle and your personal safety when you are off road.

    A lift kit typically comes with the leaf springs or coil springs, spacers, brackets, shackles and U bolts.

    Are there a lot of manufacturers of lift kits?

    Yes.  Think about it…how many car manufacturers are there out there?  Can you count or name them all?  Chances are that you can’t.  It is the same way with lift kits.  There are a great many of them.  Most of them all include their own versions of the same parts in their kits.  Some add other parts to the basics and some strip their kits down to the bare minimum.  When shopping for lift kits you should start by knowing what you are looking for and then you can automatically narrow the field down by eliminating the manufacturers who do not offer what you need in their kits.

    Why should you choose one manufacturer over another?

    Specifically, this heading should be why should you choose Fabtech lift kits over others?  For starters, Fabtech is located in Chino, California where each and every one of their components are made in house…right here in the U.S.A.  They have been in business for over twenty years and are known for using the most cutting edge designing, engineering, materials, equipment and testing in the market.  Their parts are not only superior to others out there but are also quite wallet friendly. They not only make lift kits for trucks but also for Jeeps.

    I hope this article helps you in your quest for a Truck or Jeep lift kit.

  • Find Jeep Stores That’s Right For You

    Don’t you just love the time that you get to spend in your Jeep?  It is time that allows you just to be free.  You get to be free from everything…the city, the trials of daily life, work, everything.  When you need to escape, your Jeep is the vehicle that provides that escape.

    That being said, your Jeep needs to be in perfect shape to do that.  You don’t need to get out there alone with nothing but your thoughts, your Jeep and nature only to have something go wrong and you are stranded.

    To make sure this doesn’t happen you need to do regular maintenance on your Jeep.  Jeep stores haves everything that you need to do this.  They will have all the things that you need to perform oil changes, tune ups and any other maintenance or upgrades that you need to do.

    When you go to the Store for Jeep parts and maintenance supplies don’t forget any relevant accessories that you might need to personalize your Jeep or even to make those escape times more bearable.

    Some of the accessories that are available are useful ones like KC lights, bikini tops or bumpers with winch mounts.  Then there are the patriot boards, half doors, fender flares, ground lights and even more.  Some of them are purely fun like KC lights and bikini tops, bumpers, winch mounts, doors, fenders, fender flares, ground lights and patriot boards.  I know, I mentioned those twice but seriously, aren’t all Jeep accessories both fun and useful?

    I don’t know about you, but when I go to a store that has anything to do with Jeeps I can get lost in there.  I start thinking about what I can do to my Jeep and my husband generally has to pull me out before I spend the kids’ inheritance on Jeep stuff.  Yes, I know that is kind of backwards but that is how it is.  When you get the Jeep bug as a child it never goes away.

    Take my advice just this once and go into a store that sells Jeep parts and accessories.  Take your time to just look around and really take a good look at everything that they have and then tell me what ideas that you get for your Jeep.  You might actually be surprised at just how many ideas that you get while you are in there.

  • Rampage is your new home for Jeep Accessories

    We all know that Jeeps are endlessly able to be accessorized.  There are so many accessories and people enjoy accessorizing their Jeeps so much that you rarely see two Jeeps that are just alike.  So where do you go to get your Jeep accessories?  What type of accessories do you like for your Jeep?  There are all kinds.  You can get accessories for the outside of the Jeep.  You can also get accessories for the interior.  There are also accessories available for just about everything under the hood as well as the tires.

    Are you aware that Rampage has all sorts of Jeep accessories?  They have both interior and exterior accessories.  Throughout the rest of this Rampage review, we will take a look at a few of the interior accessories.

    Cramp Killer Sport Handles

    These are universal in that they can go around a round roll bar or a square roll bar.  They are utilized in times when you feel the need for stability.  The inside of the handle is made from closed cell foam that has been enclosed in a casing of webbing made from nylon.  Sport handles include a backing plate that is 4 inches and wraparound to add stiffness and to prevent the handle from slipping and bunching up.  This also serves to improve the pull strength of the handle.  They are sold as a pair.

    Cramp Killer Arm Rests

    No matter if you have a two or a four door model Wrangler, these arm rests will work in your vehicle.  They are thick and super comfortable pads that you can put on your doors to alleviate the stress on your arms.    These are great for when your top is down and the windows are gone.  You can put it in the place of the window in the door so that when you rest your arm there, you don’t get the door frame imprinted on your arm.

    Jeep JK Rear Gate Stabilizer Gas Strut

    Have you ever been in your Jeep and the rear gate has opened seemingly by itself and stayed that way until you got out to close it?  If so, do not worry, there is no ghost in your Jeep.  This happens because the gas strut has pressure enough to do this even while you are sitting still.  To fix this issue, Rampage has made this stabilizer which keeps the gas strut from opening the rear gate and keeping it that way.

    As you can see, the interior accessories offered by Rampage are varied.  Those are just three examples.  They have so many more that truly need you to check them out.  You might be pleasantly surprised at what all you will find.

  • Smittybilt: More than just Jeep parts

    While most people are aware that Smittybilt makes parts for Jeeps, they may not know that Smittybilt makes parts for other vehicles too.  During this Smittybilt Review we will take a quick look at a few of them.  If you want to take a look at the rest, you can do that on their web site.  Let’s get right to it, shall we?

    Sure Step

    When you want a step that an innovative design, the Smittybilt Sure Step fits the bill.  They are an incredibly easy no drill install.  There is also a center bracket that has been installed to give you more support where it is needed.  The step pads have five pins in the step which makes it harder for it to rust.  The Sure Step is custom fitted to whatever vehicle it is that you are putting it on so you know that you will get the right fit every time.

    Grille Savers

    If you are fussy about keeping your grille looking great then you might want to take a look at this item.  It is made from tubular steel that is 3’’ in diameter.  It also comes with a skid plate.  This will help protect your grille from scratches, dents and dings that come with the territory when you are off road.  The Grille Saver also has pre-drilled holes in case you want to add auxiliary lights to it.  Also, the grille saver is custom made for each vehicle and comes with a 5 year warranty.

    Nerf Step

    The Nerf Step is for those with lifted trucks who may need a bit of assistance to get into the truck now.  It is a 3’’ steel tube that goes from the front wheel to the rear wheel and has 2 steps on each side.  If you have an extended truck, this bar is available with 3 steps on each side.  The step plates are cleated metal.  They are rated to be able to withstand 445 lbs. of weight on each step.  While these come fully assembled, you will have to drill a bit to install them.

    M1 Truck

    Now this is not just one single piece.  There are a few pieces here that you buy separately.  The first is a wire mesh grille.  These are constructed with stainless steel that is marine grade.  It features lugs that are chrome plated and it has a powder coat of satin black.

    The M1 series also includes things like front bumpers, fender flares and rear bumpers.  All of them are made with outstanding quality because the workmanship, design and materials used are all superior.  When used together, these products can transform your truck into a machine that will be the envy of every off road warrior out there.

  • Rubicon Express: Your Headquarters for Jeep Parts

    During the course of this Rubicon Express Review my purpose is to show you that while Rubicon Express is known for their suspension systems, they also make all of the little parts that make the suspension system work smoothly.  These parts are small but very important.

    Shock Conversions

    When you want to change your shocks but your current configuration will not allow for the shocks that you want, you can just get these shock conversions by Rubicon Express and then be able to install any kind of shocks that you want to install.  They are easy to install since they are simply a bolt on part.  The conversions differ a bit.  One type of conversion gives you stud to eye conversion and the other if for an extension.  The one for extension is for the rear of the vehicle while the stud to eye conversion is for the front of the vehicle.


    For over ten years, Rubicon Express has been making shocks.  During that time, they have been tweaking them to find ways to make them better.  They have experimented with different materials.  They have tried different ways to make them.  They have tried different tunes and finishes.  The product of all of these trials is the superior shocks that are made by Rubicon Express today.  There are many different types.  You can get a monotube shock or a monotube shock kit.  You can also get a twintube shock kit.  I would recommend that you take a look at their site to find out exactly which shocks will be right for your needs.

    Steering Draglinks

    Steering draglinks are for keeping your steering together.  Sometimes when you are driving on rugged terrain, you can lose control easily; this part made by Rubicon Express will help you keep better control under the worst of conditions.  It is made from Chromoly and is a very easily installed.

    Steering Pitman Arms

    If your vehicle has been lifted then I am sure that you are aware that steering linkage angles are increased with the lift.  The steering pitman arms made by Rubicon Express help to reduce these angles.  They can drop them by 2-4’’ depending on which ones that you purchase and install.

    Steering Stabilizers & Brackets

    When you add those larger wheels and tires after you installed that lift kit, you may notice that your steering isn’t quite what it used to be.  This is easily corrected with the addition of a heavy duty steering stabilizer/shock absorber.  What this does is to keep the steering gear and linkages protected from the shimmy, ruts, bumps and jarring thereby maintaining the integrity of your per-lift steering while living in a post-lift world.

  • 4 Wheel Parts: Temecula

    Living in Temecula and being a truck, SUV or Jeep owner, what comes to mind when you need a new part or accessory for your rig?  I know what my first thought would be if I lived in the area.  It would be 4 Wheel Parts.  In fact, there would not even be a second thought…4 Wheel Parts is where it begins and ends.  Why is that? Tell you what…you just keep reading this 4 Wheel Parts review and you will find out in short order.

    In Temecula the 4 Wheel Parts store is quite easy to find.  It is on Madison Avenue.  In this store you can find anything and everything you need for your vehicle.  That is one of the reasons why I said this is the only place I think of.  Whether you need supplies for routine maintenance like oil changes or things like that, they have it.  If you want to upgrade your rig or get new wheels, tires, electrical components, brakes, suspensions or anything like that they have that stuff too.  If you want to lift or lower your ride, add body armor, trail gear or other related equipment, they have that stuff too.  What about hitches, winches, bumpers, tire carriers and the like?  You guessed it, they have all of that too and even more!  The staff there is knowledgeable and friendly and eager to assist you in any way that they possibly can.

    Another really great thing about the 4 Wheel Parts stores including the one in Temecula is that they have amazing ASE certified technicians there ready to perform any maintenance, upgrades or installations on your vehicle that you need.  In fact, every single part or accessory that you purchase at 4 Wheel Parts can be installed by the professionals that work there.  That saves you time, frustration and a lot of sweat so that you can concern yourself with the important things…like taking your rig to your favorite off road get away.

    So maybe now you are beginning to see a little bit of why I love 4 Wheel Parts so very much.  I not only trust them with my rig…and by default my life, I recommend that others do the same.  Now wouldn’t you say that there is no better recommendation that that?  Tell you what, if you think of one, why don’t you let me know…sound like a plan?

  • 4 Wheel Parts Reviews: Santa Rosa, CA

    Wow, Santa Rosa, California 4wd owners, you guys are so lucky!  Why is that?  Y’all have a first rate 4wd specialty store right in town on Santa Rosa Avenue.  It is called 4 Wheel Parts and these stores are amazing.  In this 4 Wheel Parts review I will tell you why.

    I don’t know how many of you have been to the 4 Wheel Parts web site, but it is a pretty cool place where you can get parts and accessories for your 4wd vehicle.  That’s great, right?  Ok, the 4 Wheel Parts stores have all of the same parts that you can find on the web site, but the difference is that you can not only see these parts and accessories up close and from any and all angles, you can also touch them and just get a better feel of how they would work on your vehicle.  Not only that, if you have questions, you can ask one of the friendly knowledgeable staff and they will be more than happy to answer anything you might ask them.  There is a third advantage to going into the brick and mortar performance centers though.  That is that when you go into a 4 Wheel Parts Performance Center they have ASE and factory certified personnel there who can install and service anything you purchase at 4 Wheel Parts.  This means that instead of spending your time and energy working on your ride, you can spend it enjoying the freedom a 4wd vehicle gives you.

    The 4 Wheel Parts Performance Center in Santa Rosa is really something special too because of its sheer size.  The showroom alone encompasses a 3,200 sq. ft. area.  That doesn’t even compare to the size of the service are though.  It is a whopping 6,000 sq. ft.!  Also, the Store in Santa Rosa offers all sorts of discounts.  For example, simply for looking them up on the 4 Wheel Parts web site, you can print off their info and take that print out in for a 10% discount.  Also, if you are in service to the country or are a member of the police or firefighters, you guys get a standing discount.  Also, there are special things offered to local car enthusiasts.

    Stop in the next time you are on Santa Rosa Avenue and see what they can do for you.  AT the very least, you can look around and start planning your next project.